Yoga as a career is growing rapidly. It has different aspects as a learner and as an instructor. It is not about just poses and asanas, if you want to pursue it as a career then its thorough study is quite essential. In the following sections, we shall learn all about being a certified yoga teacher.


Be A Certified Yoga Teacher


Learning Yoga As A Career Opportunity

Learning yoga is a fad that is sweeping off the people’s feet all around the globe. People of all age groups are learning yoga due to a number of reasons, for example; some take it as their hobby, some as a passion, and some take it just as a trend to follow.

Learners demand teachers or instructors so obviously there would be a craze to be the one too. Now here is the difference; if you are passionate about learning yoga or think you have been a great student and thus eligible to be an instructor then you can’t be more wrong. Having knowledge and imparting knowledge are two different phases.


The Patience factor

Taking pleasure in practicing yoga doesn’t guarantee the pleasure and satisfaction in teaching too. One cannot be a certified yoga teacher on his or her whim. Genuineness, generousness, devotion, and patience are a few excellent features of an incredible Yoga instructor. If you think you have all these qualities then let us discuss further about how you can be a certified yoga teacher.


Key factors to know before enrolling yourself to a Yoga Teacher Training Programme

  • Select a training programme or course that goes with the standards of Yoga Alliance.
  • Traditional Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Yoga Philosophy, Alignment and Anatomy, Pranayama and Meditation, etc are the subjects that come under Yoga Alliance approved programmes.
  • Try to be a regular practitioner of yoga so that you can stay connected to it.
  • You have to pursue at least 200 Hour course which is the minimum eligibility to be a yoga teacher.
  • If you want to push over and be more qualified then you can pursue 300 Hour course and for it, completion of 200 Hour course is compulsory.
  • Together 200 Hour and 300 Hour make 500 Hour course and you don’t require any pre-requisite training.
  • Both 200 Hour and 300 Hour courses have 28 days completion duration separately.
  • A 500 Hour course has 56 days completion duration.
  • Choosing from online or offline certification courses, offline courses are preferred more because according to the standards of Yoga Alliance you have to spend specific hours in learning and practicing yoga.
  • The most important point is there is no typical body form or type to be a Certified Yoga Teacher. You just need to be healthy and fit enough to perform yoga.


What is Yoga Alliance?

Yoga Alliance is a non-profit organization which is based in U.S.A and has its headquarter in Arlington, Virginia. It helps to acquire eligible yoga instructors all over the globe and certainly sets them apart from others who meet the constraints of Yoga Alliance.


Why it is crucial?

In the last few decades, Yoga has seen tremendous pursuance all over the world. It led to the competition in the field of students as well as instructors too. Frauds and cheaters are quite common n such scenario. Therefore it became crucial to set certain criteria and standards to fulfill to be a certified yoga instructor. Yoga Alliance helps separate the eligible ones from others by setting the minimum criteria to be a certified yoga teacher.


What are 200 Hour, 300 Hour and 500 Hour Level Courses?

A 200 Hour course is the minimum eligibility requirement to be a certified yoga instructor. There is no prior training required as it itself is a basic course. It is completed in 28 days.

A 300 Hour course is the extension of 200 Hour course which is more advanced and progressive than the previous one. Of course, 200 Hour course is compulsory for this one to pursue.  It is also completed in 28 days.

A 500 Hour course is the amalgamation of 200 Hour and 300 Hour course. It does not require any prior training too. It is completed in 56 days.

If you want to be the most adequate instructor then just a 200 Hour course won’t do anything at all. You should pursue a 500 Hour course in order to be more knowledgeable and pertinent.


After the Training Programme

We have covered basically all the vital points that required to be a certified yoga instructor, though there are some points that you should keep in your mind after you complete your course.

  1. Completing a Yoga Teacher Training Course does not guarantee that you will become a successful Yoga Teacher. You need to be persistent with your practice.
  2. Be an honest student while learning your YTTC. An incompetent student cannot be an incredible teacher.
  3. After your course, try to specify where you want to work and start putting effort towards it.
  4. By any chance you did not get any job right after your course then you can teach in NGOs, Social Events or can give private classes. It will help you to polish your poses and you will learn about interacting directly with students.
  5. Everything you will learn will ultimately help you in your career as a Certified Yoga Teacher.
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