Are you thinking about pursuing a yoga teacher training course? Are you confused which YTT Program is apt for you? Are you tight on your budget? 

Well, it would have been a worrisome situation if you did not have such thoughts. It is because if you want to pursue the right Yoga Teacher Training Program, you need to invest a sufficient amount of time to investigate all the possible outcomes. After all, it is you who is going to put in its money, time and labor into the program.

Choosing A Perfect Yoga Teacher Training


Research before choosing a perfect yoga teacher training

If there are lots of yoga training centers, institutes and ashrams that offer the Yoga Teacher Training Program then what is wrong in selecting randomly from these options? Why do we need to do research before choosing the YTT Program?

Research Before Choosing

The answer lies within the question. As aforementioned, there are thousands or lakhs of yoga teacher training centers all around the world and they need to be verified whether they are authentic or not. Fraud and scam are seen in large numbers in the name of Yoga Teacher Training Program every year. It is all around the globe so beware before investing in any Yoga TTC. Therefore set your priorities and preferences straight and narrow down the pool of YTT program to select from.


Guidelines to Narrow Down Your Research

Here are some guidelines that will help you to narrow down your research on choosing a perfect Yoga Teacher Training Program.

  • Pick out the program that interests you the most.
  • Figure out where do you want to pursue your Yoga Teacher Training Program, i.e. locally, nationally or internationally.
  • Set your budget and then search for the places that offer the Yoga Teacher Training in your budget.
  • If you want to pursue the Program locally then check if the timing goes with your other schedule.
  • If you want to pursue the Program nationally or internationally then check whether the city or country is safe to travel and stay.
  • Some Asian countries provide much better Yoga TTC Program than some European or American countries and that too in a cheaper rate. So do check for the YTT Programs in the countries like India, Nepal, and Indonesia where the Yoga TTC package is probably quite cheaper than your local training program. If you are a fan of traveling then these countries can be the best choices for you.


Approach to Choose the Right Yoga Teacher Training

Now you have narrowed down your options, choosing a perfect yoga teacher training would not be much difficult. Since you must have chosen the place where you want to pursue your training program in your research, it would be way easier to find a suitable YTT Program for you.


Guidelines to Find a Suitable Yoga Teacher Training Program

The guidelines given below can help you to find a suitable YTT Program.

  • First of all, enlist those YTT Program’s studios, ashrams or centers that you consider the best among other options.
  • Afterward, make sure that your YTT Program is certified by Yoga Alliance, a US-based non-profit organization. The certification of Yoga Alliance will make it easier to choose from trustworthy programs.
  • Decide beforehand which yoga course you want to pursue from 200 Hour, 300 Hour or 500 Hour level course.
  • Yoga is a vast domain so evaluate and examine exactly what you want to practice and learn.
  • Look for the YTT Program that goes according to your schedule and the course you want to pursue.
  • Search about the history of YTT Program centers or ashrams and their authenticity.
  • If possible, read and research about the instructors and students of your enlisted YTT Program
  • If you are not multilingual then make sure your YTT Program is taught in the language you understand
  • Confirm what amenities are included in your YTT Program package like the daily meal, lodging, and other basic services as it is quite important when you are pursuing course nationally or internationally
  • Get complete information regarding modes of payment before or after the program.
  • Also, check for any hidden charges.
  • Enquire about the class strength. If you are not comfortable with big classes then enroll yourself in a class of fewer students
  • Some instructors and learners upload videos on YouTube about their experiences or about the place of their YTT Program. This can be quite helpful to get the gist of their teaching methods and the ambiance of the location.
  • If you want to pursue locally then you can attend some classes before enrolling yourself in order to know more about instructors and their teaching methods.

These are just guidelines which are meant to help you in choosing the perfect Yoga Teacher Training Program. As you will be investing a lot in your YTT Course, do all the possible research and inquiries to make sure you get the best out of it.


Some other basic tips

  • Always note the emergencies contacts like helpline numbers of local authorities, hospitals, etc in advance from the internet before starting your journey for critical situations.
  • Tell the details of your staying place, room number to a close friend or family member in case of emergencies.
  • If you are sharing the room with someone then share that person’s contact too.

Take every step to ensure a safe and sound experience of your Yoga Teacher Training Program

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