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If you would like to register for a Yoga Teacher Training course in Rishikesh, Yoga Teacher Training Course in Dharamsala, Yoga Teacher Training course in Goa, Yoga Teacher Training course in Japan, or a retreat in any of these location, please apply by the registration form.

Rishikesh Yoga Center

Chandra Yoga International
Near Blessed Cottage, Badrinath Road, Tapovan, Distt – Tehri Garhwal
Rishikesh, Uttarakhand, India

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Phone No. +91-  80 5704 9232

yoga school in rishikesh

We are located in the Tapovan area of Rishikesh, about 65 meters away from Blessed cottage, up the hill from Badrinath Road. If you can not find our yoga school, please go to Blessed cottage and their staff will direct you to our Yoga Center, or they can call and we will pick you up from there. From the popular tourist area Laxman Jhula, we are about a 20 minute walk uphill. There is a map below showing how to get from Laxman Jhula to our center, so if you are in the area and interested in our program, please come to meet us and tour the school.

How to reach us at Rishikesh

Way From Delhi ( Airport ) to Rishikesh ( Chandra Yoga International )

how to reach rishikesh yoga center

Way From Laxman Jhulla to Chandra Yoga InternationalWay From Laxman Jhulla to Chandra Yoga International


Dharamsala Yoga Center

Sidhharth Hourse, Jogiwara Road, Below-Yongling school,
Mcleodganj, Dharamsala, Himachal Pradesh, India

apply for yoga teacher-training course indiaE-mail:
Phone No. +91-  80 5704 9232

sidharth house mcleodganj, sushil yoga school