Everything About Dancer Pose

Dancer Pose, also known by the name the lord of the dance pose is a widely popular yoga pose. The pose does look quite exceptional and with precision, practice and determination, anyone can do this yoga asana.

Dancer Pose


Let’s dive in and find out more about this incredible yoga posture.

Dancer Pose and its Benefits

Dancer pose’s another name the lord of the dance pose is the English translation of the Sanskrit name Natrajasana. Natrajasana is consist of three words; nata means dancer, raja means king (or lord), and asana means posture.

Though it is ‘a not so easy yoga asana’, its several advantages make it worth to practice and adapt in our day to day life.

Physical Benefits

  • Natrajasana improves the posture of the body.
  • It improves the balancing ability of the human body.
  • This pose efficiently releases muscles’ tension.
  • It is quite helpful in weight loss.
  • It improves digestion.
  • Regular practice of Dancer Pose strengthens the tendons and ligaments of legs and arms too.
  • It makes legs and ankles strong.
  • It stretches thighs, legs, groin and abdomen.
  • Overall, it is a great yoga posture to build strength and flexibility of the whole body.

Mental Benefits

  • Regular practice of Dancer Pose calms mind and act as a stress buster.
  • It makes the mind and body invigorated and much more active.
  • Since it calms mind and restores the energy, it improves the concentration capability of a human being too.

Steps to do Dancer Pose

Following are the simple steps that can be followed to practice Dancer Pose-

  • First of all, take the position of Tadasana
  • After that, inhale, lift the left foot up so that the heel is set towards the left side of the hips and the knees are bend
  • Remember that the entire body weight should be on your right foot
  • Next, breathe out and bend your knees a little more to make the upper body parallel to the ground
  • Then, stretch your leg upward and fix your gaze at front
  • Try to hold the pose for few breaths
  • Release the pose gradually and then return to the primary pose

Some Tips and Guidance

It is very important to do each and every yoga posture with apt technique or method. Anything careless and unguided can cause serious injuries. Therefore make sure that you do your yoga practice under some guidance, especially when you are a novice.

Besides, remember the following points while practicing Dancer Pose:

  • To maintain the proper balance while holding the posture, you can fix your gaze at a point so that your eyes or your mind do not wander in all directions
  • Make sure your neck is not stiff and taut while holding the pose. Keep it loosen up and relax
  • Try to keep your movements smooth, and avoid jerking, tugging and sudden movements
  • In case you fall, return to the pose. Keep trying and not to give up is the key this posture. With practice and dedication, you’ll get there
  • Do not overstretch your limbs in this yoga asana
  • We recommend practicing this yoga posture with some help or under some guidance. Besides, you can join a yoga studio or yoga teacher training to make your yoga practice more efficient
  • Do not attempt this posture if you have any kind of injuries in legs, thighs, arms or shoulders, especially if it is quite recent. Consult your doctor before attempting it

We understand that practicing Dance Pose is not easy but it does not mean you should quit. You will never learn yoga if you will always quit. If you fail or fall in this yoga asana, get up, take a deep breath and try again. Just try try and try and believe us you will reach there where you will ace Natrajasana.

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