Do’s and Don’ts during Yoga Practice

If you are a beginner in yoga or regular yoga practitioner, you should be aware of Do’s and Don’ts during yoga practice.

Do's and Don'ts Yoga

Yoga poses are not about imitating a guru or practitioner. You need precision and have to follow certain guidelines while doing yoga. So, today in this blog we are going to talk about important factors that you should consider or avoid during a yoga practice.

Be Safe and Aware

As a newbie, there are many questions about a yoga practice that you might want to know. For instance, what should I consider and what should I avoid? Is it okay to have a little snack before a yoga session? Should I skip the asana because I feel uneasy?  Everyone can do yoga so it means I can do it during my recovery of an injury or should I wait?

Besides, a yogi uses his body for yoga practice, thus,  one needs to be very careful about handling your body during the practice.

Therefore it is quite significant to know about Do’s and Don’ts during yoga practice. It keeps you safe and aware.

Consider the following Do’s during Yoga Practice

  • Keep a healthy diet and maintain a healthy routine.
  • If possible, try to practice yoga in the open air instead of a closed room like in balcony, roof or a park.Yoga Pose
  • Always have at least 3 hours gap between your meal and yoga practice.
  • Try to stretch your body before jumping into yoga asanas.
  • You can start yoga practice with a stiff or nonflexible body too. Yoga will make it flexible steadily.
  • Always use a mat, a blanket or a sheet to practice your asana.
  • Though you can do yoga anytime, a fixed time helps you to maintain a routine.
  • You can practice yoga during menstruation too. Since menstruation experience is different for every woman, it is up to you what you feel like. If you want to do yoga, do it. If you want some rest, take it. It can be quite helpful with your cramps and pain.

Consider the following Don’ts during Yoga Practice

Yoga Asana Practice


  • Do not start yoga practice with a filled tummy.
  • Do not exert your body for a yoga practice at once. Keep it gradual and steady.
  • In case of any sickness or illness, don’t start yoga without consulting your doctor. Try not being your own doctor.
  • Do not try any complex asana without any guidance. Your negligence can lead to serious injuries
  • Avoid heavy exercises after a yoga session
  • Do not practice yoga vigorously without any breaks.
  • Do not worry about your body type, yoga is for everyone.
  • If you feel uneasy during asana practice and want to quit, do it. However, you should know the difference whether the uneasiness is due to the new asana or some physical injury. It is not uncommon to feel slightly uneasy while practicing a new asana.

Besides, always perform yoga asanas under an experienced yoga teacher, especially when you are a novice. Moreover, you can join a yoga studio or Yoga Teacher Training in order to advance your practice.

Try to keep these points in your considerations and always progress in your yoga practice.

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