Myths of Yoga

Today we’re going to discuss a completely different topic. We shall talk about the facts and myths of yoga.

Yoga Myths

Suppositions & Assumptions

There are always some myths and assumptions attached to a practice. Similarly, there is a number of yoga myths that revolve around the people and many of them consider them true. Since, more or less, two billion people practice yoga across the globe; such suppositions about yoga do not seem odd. But still, myths should be separated from the facts.

Therefore in the following section, we will talk about the facts and myths of yoga.

So let’s get started and dispel all the myths, shall we?

Facts and Myths of Yoga

Since there are lots of myths going around yoga, we’ll bust the myths and tell you the facts instead.

Here we go!

Yoga Asanas Are Just Like Any Other Exercises

Now, this statement needs a little perspective here.

Yoga Is Exercise Myth

If you want to pursue yoga just for physical fitness, it is fine though it’s not its sole purpose. Yoga was never meant to approach an individual physically. It is just a step towards inner peace, tranquility, and salvation. Therefore yoga asanas are not mere exercises; they give you more than that. They provide your body strength and yet not make it stiff, improve metabolism, immunity, and relax your muscles. Besides, there are numerous benefits of yoga.

Furthermore, a practitioner does not necessarily need any equipment to practice, all you need is you. It uses your body to practice and perform yoga postures.

Flexible Body Is a Necessity to Do Yoga

People have this incredibly misguided conception that only the people with a slim, lean, and flexible body can do yoga.

It is utter nonsense.

Yoga for Flexibility

As a matter of fact, yoga uses asanas very precisely to make the body flexible without injuring anything. In a way, yoga and flexibility go hand in hand. It uses certain ways and approaches to make the body supple.

Thus you don’t necessarily need a flexible body to practice yoga. With regular yoga practice, you will achieve a strong and flexible body. Yoga takes you towards the flexible body and not the other way around.

Gradually Yoga Becomes Boring

Well, this is the most ridiculous myth.

Yoga Becomes Boring

As we know, there are so many styles and types of yoga, one always has something different to explore and practice. Your practice becomes boring when you are doing those same five yoga asanas that you learned the first time.

Unless you decide to stick with your practice and stay with it forever, there will always be something new in yoga for everyone.

Yoga Is Best For Women Only

As a woman, I have heard this line like a zillion times. And this is not because people think yoga is awesome; they think yoga is quite easy and women prefer easy workouts (sighs).

Yoga Women

On the contrary, yoga was commenced by a man, and most of the yoga teachers and gurus I have seen are male. It is not like females do not practice yoga but masculine gender is slightly dominant in this field.

Well! I say this every time, I guess it’ll be alright to say it once more, “Yoga is for everyone”. It is a gender neutral practice.

Yoga isn’t for Old People

Yoga is definitely for old people. Old age is not trouble-free life, particularly when you don’t have a healthy body.  Hence yoga can be the best friend of old folks during this phase of their life.

Yoga for Old Folks

Regular practice of yoga can be extremely helpful in their everyday life. Besides, it will provide strength and make them happy from inside.

There are many yoga practices that can be practiced by old people. Asanas, pranayama, and meditation are practiced by elderly people in the whole world.

Thus, yoga for old people is quite beneficial and normal. All you need is practice

Yoga is a Religious Practice

It is one of the widely spread and accepted myth that yoga represents the Hindu religion.


According to Sadhguru, “Yoga is Hindu just the way gravity is Christian. Just because the law of gravity was propounded by Isaac Newton, who lived in a Christian culture, does it make gravity Christian? Yoga is a technology. Anybody who is willing to make use of it can make use of it.”

In fact, yoga never intends any gods. It is based on the foundation of experimental substantiation than religious belief. It is widely considered as a physical practice, spiritual practice, science, and philosophy which are not wrong. However, connecting yoga with Hindu religion just because it was set out in India is stupid.

Yoga Can Be Learnt Online or From a Book

Learning anything from online is a fad these days. It has been beneficial for many people for a number of reasons. However, I do not consider learning yoga online or from a book an authentic practice.

Yoga Online

Sure you can learn a few things from these sources but these can’t get you to proper practice. You can be inspired and influenced by online videos or books on yoga. But you should not let them guide you for yoga. You need a yoga guru or teacher who is physically present with you.

Just because you can see an asana doesn’t guarantee you can do it properly. It can lead to serious injuries that can be acute as well as chronic. Therefore, proper guidance is a must for yoga.

Yoga can be fatal

Again, this statement too needs a slight perspective.

Yoga is as dangerous as driving a car, walking on the street, sitting under a fan or going for hiking. If there are negligence and recklessness then no matter what you do, it will always be fatal.

Therefore, as aforementioned, yoga should be practiced under an expert. Yoga practice with cautions and proper guidance will always benefit you.

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