If you have enrolled yourself in yoga class and giving your forty five to sixty minutes daily thinking you are getting the best of your practice then you can’t be more wrong.

Phew! I think I said it in one breath.

I was trying to say that in spite of attending yoga classes and studios, there is always more to explore yoga.

Get The Most Out Of Your Yoga Practice

Just go through the following section and see how you can intensify and grow deeper in your yoga practice.


Study More About Yoga

When you have knowledge of anything you pursue, practice or use, it brings you closer to that thing. Similarly, when you read and study about yoga, its history, traditions, and science behind asanas, you will be more connected to it. It will make you an efficient practitioner because you’ll know the reason for every move you make in your yoga class.

Providentially, you have every resource in your fingertips to get the knowledge. You can do gradual study and know what you are doing right, wrong or different in your yoga practice.


Keep Trying and Discovering

If you get bored with the same repetitive asanas in your yoga class, then its time you try new styles and yoga poses. There is so much to explore in yoga that one can never be tired of anything if he\she will keep discovering this art form.

Try new yoga asanas, new yoga forms or try to go deep into meditation. To feel more connected with yoga in day to day life, you can make an effort to try Karma Yoga. If you are someone who becomes disinterested easily then this system will probably work for you.


Practice at Home too

If you practice yoga only at the time when you are in your class, believe me, you will never get ahead of those repetitive classes. You need to be more disciplined and regular to get most of your yoga practice.

You can practice those asanas at home that you liked more or those that did not go well in the class. Either way, you will be perfecting some poses and your practice.


Watch Out Your Routine

The most important thing people ignore is watching out their routine. Your routine can affect your yoga practice immensely or vice versa.

Eat healthily and keep yourself hydrated. Proper nourishment is very important if you want to get the most out of your yoga practice. Do not skip any meal. Get proper sleep. Try to eat more food from natural sources rather than packed and frozen food. If you have little space, then you can grow your own food too.


Take Few Days Off To Join A Retreat or A TTC

If you want to invest in your holidays or in yourself, in that case, this is the best decision you can take. It is like next to impossible in the big cities to get the serene and soothing environment to practice yoga.

Therefore, if you want to take your yoga practice at the forefront then booking a retreat or a yoga ttc sounds like a nice proposal. You can book a yoga retreat or a Yoga Teacher Training in India, Nepal, Indonesia, and other Asian countries due to cheap prices and amazing services.


Do Not Be Afraid To Experiment

When you do yoga practice with a constant determination then you make those asanas yours. Hence, you have every right in the world to experiment with that.

If you want to add some props in your practice, do it. If you want to practice on your terrace rather than in your room, do it. If you don’t like to practice yoga in a group and want to do it alone, do it. Do what you think is giving you the maximum upshot out of your yoga practice. Just do it. (Make sure not to injure yourself in doing any of it)


Do Not Ignore The Spiritual Characteristic

I do not intend to judge you when I say this, “If you are not learning about spirituality, enlightenment or divinity in yoga then you are losing a great part of your practice.”

I understand you might not be interested in any spiritual characteristic of yoga and don’t want to explore it. But you must be aware of the fact that yoga was never meant to focus completely on the physical aspects. Asanas were meant to help in meditation and other spiritual aspects of yoga like inner strength, inner peace, or bringing harmony among body, mind, and soul.

And remember one more thing that spirituality by no means has anything to do with religion. It is all about what’s inside you. So give it a try and explore this characteristic of yoga.


Attend Workshops, Events, and Seminars

In order to expand the horizon of your knowledge and practice in yoga, you can attend various workshops, events, and seminars. They are generally organized time to time and attended by many who are interested in yoga. You will get the chance to listen or meet reputed yoga gurus and philosopher who have years of experience in yoga study and practice.


Other Little Things

I have saved a few things for last that might sound of sheer importance but THEY ARE NOT. Pay Attention.

  • If you can, then try to bring your own yoga mat. I am not mentioning it just due to hygienic concerns. If you have your own practice mat then every time you will think about yoga, it will motivate you to perform better.
  • It will make you realize how you have accomplished every hard asana in your practice sessions and you can do better each time.
  • As soon as you enter to practice yoga, leave your cell phone behind you. I am not telling you to silent it and take it with you because no matter what, you are going to check your cell phone if it is near you.
  • Once you will make a habit of not using a cell phone during your yoga practice, you will notice that you are becoming more focused and efficient in it.
  • If you are finding it difficult to do some asana then talk about it to your yoga instructor. Do not stop practicing it.
  • Your yoga instructor will help you to get there, trust him\her.

These are some ways through which you can get most of out of your yoga practice. Adapt them in your life and make the difference in your practice.

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