Karma yoga is rather a distinct form than any other regular forms of yoga. It absolutely does not require a mat or floor or to practice various asanas or poses. It is there in your day to day life as we mentioned it in our blog Living the Yoga Lifestyle.

Let us go through the following segments to understand and know more.

Karma Yoga


What Actually Karma Yoga Means?

The word karmais magnificent on its own. It is because karma means action as well as the consequence of the action. Thus the word itself tells its whole tale; if you will do bad karma (action) then you will face bad karma (consequence) too.

  • Karma is associated with actions, works or deeds with the values and beliefs of yoga
  • It is regarded as learning to work unselfishly for others without any expectation
  • It is based on the idea that doing a deed without any expectation or anticipation leads to the path of enlightenment
  • Compassion, empathy, and kindness are conferred in Karma Yoga

As mentioned by James Lochtefeld, Karma Yoga is about performing selfless actions for the gain of others.

According to Swami Vivekananda, It is a rational discipline that leads a person in the direction of enlightenment by allowing him/her to perform their duties as a service to every being on the earth.


How It Can Be Implemented In Daily Life?

As we are clear now that it is not our typical yoga where you have postures and poses, it is just about doing good karmas altruistically.

For example, helping elders, volunteering at an NGO, saving an injured animal, cleaning near your locality or anything that you can do selflessly is practicing Karma Yoga. It also includes your life choices and it is because eventually, the choices you make in life do impact the life of the people around you.


How It Can Be Beneficial?

There is always some expectation or hope when we do something, especially when we do it for others. Karma Yoga makes the practitioner do actions selflessly and without any anticipation. A person who follows this discipline is known as Karmayogi.

When you become a karma yogi, you serve others without any prerequisite notion and it connects you to your inner self and awakens your spiritual powers. Karma Yoga makes you conscious of your actions and how it is going to affect you and others.

Some of the breathtaking advantages of practicing it are:

  • You will always have the right approach towards everything in your life.
  • All the negative vibes and energies like fear, fury, rage, and envy will commence disappearing.
  • Contentment, patience, gratification, discipline, and happiness will get into your life by bringing all positive energies.
  • It encourages the learner to serve others without any ego and expectancy.
  • Since it is all about selfless service to others, it makes you a giving, caring and sharing being.


Key Points to Know

  • To follow Karma Yoga is a gradual path and you have to be consistent and regular with it.
  • It is not a short term course or lesson which you can get within a specific time period. Karma Yoga is a way of leading your life, not just a tiny fraction. Some people take years to be a perfect karma yogi.
  • Everything you do in your life comes under Karma Yoga like eating, walking, thinking, hurting someone or anything else.
  • Even if you are not a spiritual kind of person, It will immensely benefit you too.


Should You Practice Karma Yoga?

Are you in doubt whether you should practice Karma Yoga or not? Following Karma Yoga is not an easy path but if you want to pursue it then go ahead by all means.

There is nothing wrong in trying and attempting it. The most extreme thing that can happen is you will fail. So what??? You will learn along the journey and can start again. It is a brilliant form of yoga and pursuing it can never be a waste. It will always have a positive and long-lasting impact.

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