Prana and Pranayama - The First Energy

What are Prana and Pranayama?

Yoga is ancient and has survived through the yugas for the reason of being natural for humans to live in this way. When one follows nature he is living deliberately and in harmony with how the world is. Prana and Pranayama made importance in the lives of people in today's world.

To become one with nature you are going to have to travel in search of real nature so that there is air to breathe. Air is the fourth chakra anahata is our life source, or in yogic terms is known as prana. The word prana in the ancient language of Sanskrit can be translated to literally mean life force or life source or even the first energy. This first energy is what comes first to our body and what comes at the last, it is our sustainer, our constant that continues life.


When inhaled, prana is traveling through our body in such a way that energizes our every limb from toe to crown, and every chakra from mooladhara to Sahasrara. Prana travels through channels that reach throughout the body called nadis. These nadis are flowing effortlessly in us but can become blocked in some way.

We receive prana through many different ways; most important is coming by way of Ida and Pingala. Ida and Pingala are the right and left nostril and when prana can flow through the nadis will interwine at each chakra on its journey to the apanic region of mooladhara and the resting place of kundalini. We also receive prana through the mouth but is not the ideal way to practice meditation and can collect foreign objects where one might choke.

Prana is energy and how we get energy is from eating healthy food that comes from the ground or that grows on the trees. To eat animals for energy is the act of eating a dead body is has many health problems connected with it but is a source of bad energy. Drinking healthy and not overeating is an ideal diet for optimal energy in everyday life. Sunlight is also a major source of energy that we have to be in contact with for our daily need. This is why India is the desirable place to be to capitalize on the seemingly endless sun.

Every time that you rest your eyes and quietly drift to your slumber is our natural way of gaining energy as we rest the body and mind. Prana also comes to you in every moment as you inhale and exhale, consciously and unconsciously. You breathe without intent in an unconscious fashion when every night you sleep and your body continues while you rest.


How Prana and Pranayama are divided?

There are five major pranas and five minor pranas which are a part of our being. The five major pranas are; Prana, Apana, Samana, Udana, Vyana and they are the force that functions different parts of the body and organs.

The five minor pranas are; naga, korma, krikara, Devadatta, Dhananjay which also contribute to the controlling of particular functions of the body. If there is a loss of energy in any of the particular prana of the five pranas, then ultimately can lead to disease or metabolic dysfunction of limbs and organs that prana is responsible for.

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