Seeing the tremendous growing popularity of yoga, yoga studios have emerged as a hub of novice practitioners, learners, fitness enthusiasts, or deep yoga practitioners. But let me tell you choosing a yoga studio is no fun. It is a full-time task that needs time, dedication and some guidance.

Choosing A Yoga Studio

Since there are hundreds of Yoga Studios in every country, choosing an ideal yoga studio is not an easy task. Lots of questions wander in the mind. What features you should look for your ideal yoga studio? How to know if it is the ultimate place for you. etc etc.

Well, keep reading to find out the answers.

Points to Consider Before Choosing a Yoga Studio

As I mentioned earlier, there are numerous yoga studios all across the countries which need verification to show their credibility. Therefore, I am going to explain some factors on the basis of which you can judge and choose an appropriate yoga studio.

Let us get started.


You will learn and practice yoga under a yoga instructor in a yoga studio. Therefore qualifications of yoga instructors under whom you will practice are extremely essential to be verified. It is one of the important facets of choosing a yoga studio.

Make sure to go through their website and check out the profile of yoga teachers and instructors over there. If you want more information about their credentials then you can contact the yoga studio. I am sure no credible yoga studio will deny the information regarding their yoga instructors. Any yoga studio who believes in lucidity and transparency will tell you all about the training background of their instructor with their working experience and achievements.

Look into the fact whether he/she has experience in the same type of yoga that you want to learn, like Ashtanga Yoga or Kundalini Yoga.

Batch Timings

Take a look at the timing of the batch you want to join in. Confirm whether the timings are fixed or fluctuate all through the week.  If you have a tight schedule otherwise, then go for a fixed timing batch. If you don’t mind the changes in time then go for it.

Usually, I recommend sticking with a fixed time. It helps you to bring your brain to a practice zone. However, if you do not like your schedule to be fixed and monotonous then you can practice with varying time too.

Learners in a Batch

Confirm this information multiple times how many yoga learners they teach in a batch. If they organize classes in large groups, and you are a small group person; time to try other studios.

Above I said “multiple times” because many yoga studios mention small batches with limited yoga learners. But once they get more applications, they increase the size of their classes. Therefore, make sure you get what you’ve been told.

Get to Know The Yoga Instructor

A good yoga instructor is like the soul of a yoga studio. It keeps the studio alive and working. Therefore, try to get to know yoga instructors better.

To know how they teach, or practice yoga or behave with the novice learners, give few demo classes. Many reputed yoga studios provide demo classes so that new applicants can know better about their studio and instructors.

Demo classes also help applicants to know about the teaching style of teachers. Like,

  • how much attention is the instructor paying to every learner
  • is the instructor helping you during a complex asana
  • is he/she asking you about pain or injury
  • does he/she correct your pose or alignment when you are doing it wrong
  • does the instructor walk through every learner and watch learners or does he/she just stay at a place for all the time during class
  • is the instructor patient with the beginners who have a lot of queries

So, if there is no mention of demo classes, ask for them. If still not provided, move on to the better one.

Ambiance and Surrounding

Though one can practice anywhere, suitable ambiance definitely adds up to your yoga practice.

Try to visit the yoga studio before joining it. Check out the yoga halls, staff and whether you like the vibes of the place or not.

You cannot practice yoga in a yoga studio which is situated near a busy market or a loud railway station. You need a quiet and peaceful place for your yoga learning. Therefore choose a yoga studio with the no-noise surrounding.


While visiting the yoga studio, figure out what amenities are offered by the studio. For example, lockers for your stuff, drinking water, mat, and towels.

It will help you to know which stuff you should bring by yourself and which you want by the studio.


Wrapping Up

When you want to join a yoga studio, you carry certain expectations. This write-up will help you to look out for all the crucial and essential characteristics that an ideal Yoga Studio should possess.

However, there are certain things that can be determined only when you actually take the classes. So, instead of taking six months or annual membership, register yourself for 15 days or one month. Join the classes regularly and observe. Once you are satisfied with what you are getting and what you are paying for, go ahead with the studio. If you did not like your experience, leave it. Thus, it will save you money as well as time from investing them in an insignificant yoga studio.

Choosing a yoga studio can be difficult at times but keep patience and keep searching. You will definitely get the best one.

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