What Should You Take With You in a Yoga Teacher Training In India?

If you are going to India for the first time, especially for your yoga teacher training then make sure you go through this write up in order to know what you should carry with you.

What Should You Take With You in a Yoga Teacher Training In India

Yoga Mat

I always recommend bringing your own yoga mat for every yoga practice. You wouldn’t know what kind of yoga mat the school will provide to you, or how it was used the last time. Besides, some yoga mats feel quite sleepy, and some feel stinky after a strong and sweaty asanas practice. Therefore, don’t risk your practice and hygiene and always carry your own yoga mat.

Pens and Notebooks

Take two notebooks and a few pens with you to make notes or write anything important during your class. Anyone can easily get these things in India but what’s wrong in keeping the thing ready beforehand. Right?

Towels and Toiletries

You should always carry your own towel anywhere you go in the world. A towel is a matter of personal hygiene so do not ignore it. Moreover, taking the toiletries with you is a good idea too because only you know what kind of shampoo, soap or body wash you use. However, you don’t need to overload such things as you can get good brands in India too.

Muscle Pain Relief Gel or Spray

There are chances that while practicing yoga, at times you can feel a sore muscle or joint pain. It is quite common, especially among the students who are new to yoga practice. Therefore carry a muscle pain relief gel or spray in case you need it.

Massage Oil

Though it is not a necessity, you should carry massage oil. It is because massage oils soothe the muscles.  Once in a while, you can massage your head, back, legs or arms to relax your muscles and body.

Eye Drops

If your eyes are weak or get tired frequently, or you have vision problems, then bring the eye drops that can soothe and relieve your eyes. Eyes drops are hardly bigger than your fingers so it is not hard to adjust it with your other stuff.


If you are going for yoga teacher training in a place like Dharamsala, Himachal Pradesh then to bring shoes with you. Due to the cold weather and hilly areas, slippers and sandals would not work as well as the shoes. However, if you are visiting a place like Rishikesh, you will be fine with any footwear (not the heels, of course).

But still, I would recommend you to bring a pair of sneakers and a pair of slippers. It will work everywhere.

Breathable Clothes

If you are joining yoga teacher training during summers, take clothes with breathable fabrics like cotton. Since you will be practicing for the whole day, carry the clothes which would be yoga-friendly like a tank top, t-shirt, capris, cropped pants, or tights.

Make certain your clothes should allow your body a proper movement for your yoga training.

Insects Repellant Cream or Spray

Many yoga schools are located in an isolated serene location or near natural habitat. So there might be insects or mosquitoes, especially during summers or rainy season. Therefore, to be on the safe side, carry insect repellent cream or spray with you.

Water Bottle

This is the one rule I always follow no matter where I am going; always carry your own water bottle. Use your own water bottle while you travel and even when you reach in the yoga school. Bring an insulated water bottle that will serve you during hot as well as cold days.

Tea\Green Tea\ Coffee Pouches

You will probably get tea or coffee in your yoga school. However, it is not necessary that you will get it every time or any time you want. So if you are someone who loves tea or coffee, take a few pouches with you in case you want to have a cup of it anytime you want.

Protein Bars or Dry Fruits like Nuts and Almonds

Carry some protein bars or dry fruits like almonds nuts etc for the emergency hunger. Sometimes, we all feel hungry way before the meal, or just after the meal or at midnight. Therefore keep these things handy in your bag.

A Spare Bag\Handbag

Well, this thing has nothing to do with your teacher training. However, I am sure you will definitely like to buy something from India and you will need an extra bag to carry it.

Even if you don’t shop much, it is fine to carry an extra bag.

I am sure you would have got the answer to what should you take with you to a yoga teacher training in India.

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