Why to do Yoga Teacher Training?

If you are quite a passionate yoga practitioner and want to explore more, then at some point you must have thought about joining a yoga TTC. Then the next thought must have been “Why to do yoga teacher training?” “What would I gain other than a certificate?” “Does it really make the difference?”

Yoga Teacher Training

Well, I won’t say that these questions are irrelevant. In fact, these are intelligent questions in order to pursue something new like yoga ttc. I have gone through the same train of thoughts in the past too. Therefore in this write-up, I am going to use my experience and mention some points that will definitely answer all your doubts.

Advantages of Doing Yoga TTC

Since this article is mostly about “why to do yoga teacher training”, I am going to list down a few advantages of pursuing yoga ttc.

So let’s get started. Shall we?

You Connect with Yourself

When you join a yoga school for a teacher training course, it really helps you to connect with yourself. For instance, I joined yoga ttc in a yoga school of Rishikesh. It was situated in a serene and peaceful location, surrounded by the mighty Himalayas with the holy river Ganga flowing aside. There were no loud noises but open green fields. Whenever I sat to practice yoga or meditate, I could literally hear me every breath. It was wonderful. The tranquility lets you interact with yourself.

Moreover, experienced yoga teachers help you with their guidance. Their supervision helps you to dive deep into your practice and discover the undiscovered in you.

Training Takes Your Practice To a New Level

Well, this was one of the reasons I enrolled in yoga teacher training. When you are practicing under the veteran yoga teachers, you surely make improvements. In fact, within a few days, you realize that you are becoming better and better every day.

Besides, in ttc with fellow students, you learn more and challenge yourself on a daily basis. It helps to take the yoga practice to complete a new level.

Training Trains You to Accept Changes Gracefully

When you go to a yoga ashram in Rishikesh, it is not easy to adapt initially. Well, it wasn’t easy at least for me.

 First of all, the food was quite different. It was not typical Indian spicy food. The meal was quite simple yet nutritious. I found it quite relishing. Furthermore, the students were from different countries, speaking different languages and having a completely different personality. However, we all used to interact with each other in our own way; trying to speak in the language we don’t understand, helping each other in yoga classes, sharing meals, going for walks, etc.

My yoga ttc taught me how important it is to interact with fellow human beings. It feels so warm to with everyone and you don’t even need to know a proper language for it.

Thus a yoga teacher training trains you to be welcoming for changes you might encounter in life ahead.

Training Gives an Unforgettable Lifetime Experience

Everything you experience in your training is unforgettable. I am not just talking about food or classmates, or fun you will have there. The experiences you experience while doing your practice is incredible. It completely changes your life. It will change the way you lead your life.

Joining a yoga ttc gives you an experience that you can never forget.

Training Makes You a Certified Yoga Instructor

Well, this one is obvious. Yoga Teacher Training makes you a certified yoga instructor.

If you love yoga and have a flair for teaching, then voila, there it is, your license to teach yoga anywhere in the world. Since yoga is expanding day by day across the globe, you can make a good career out of your passion to practice yoga.

What do you want?

As we know a yoga teacher training has many advantages but everyone joins with a goal. For instance, I joined the training to deepen my yoga practice and I got much more than that. Similarly, you should know what you want out of your practice whether you want to be a yoga instructor or go deeper in your practice. You can just join a ttc out of curiosity or to become the best in every style of yoga, it is totally your call.

But always remember, a yoga teacher training will never let you down. It always gives you more than you ever thought.

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