Principles of karma

Principles of karma

Principles of Karma

Principles of Karma – Firstly we should explain what does it mean the word karma? Karma means action. Here is the question: Where do you think your action starts? If you are aware of that our actions start from our thought, then you are correct. Without any thought, there is no action. That is why yoga put so much attention on training mind, purifying thoughts and controlling our thoughts. Because through controlling our thoughts we control our behavior, our actions.

Another important term is reincarnation. It’s believed that our body is just like a rented apartment. We have limited time during which we stay in our body and once the “contract” is over, our soul goes for a transition which we call death. Actually, our soul only goes to take a rest, contemplate action done in past life and settles intentions for next life. When soul feels ready, it chooses the body where you need it to be born and then other transition can take a place. One of the reasons why Indian people don’t show resistance towards their life is because they believe there is a reason for that. It is the result of their past karma (actions).


We have 3 types of karma that are affecting where we are right now, what situation in life we are facing. First is “sanchita”, this is past life karma. Whatever we have done in our past life has an impact on current life. You will face a certain situation in this life because of your unresolved matters. Second karma “prarabdha” you past life deeds influence your actions in this life so whatever you do or think is somehow connected with your past life. For instance, if you have done positive and good actions, you have less difficulty in this life and another way around. There is no way how we can avoid the consequences from these two Karmas. Yes, you can try to resist, escape or get around but it will always come back to you and remember, it might come back as the tougher lesson as a consequence of your resistance or avoidance. Thus for some situation, there is no point to skip the lessons, anyhow we will have to go through it. It’s our choice when we take and learn the lesson. The third one is “agami” – this is the only karma which is in our hands to change right now. This karma that we are creating at this moment, it’s fresh. I can decide just now what kind of karma I will create for my future lives.

To sum it up, try to focus on the present moment and create the purest karma which you can in the present moment and don’t be afraid to take a lesson from difficult situations in your life. All situations in our life meet us for some reason. Overcoming challenges make us a better person and make our life meaningful. So instead of asking: why me? Focus on what you can get out of the situation for you. See the positive result in it, feel the purification of your karma for future. Flow through your life with hope.  Principles of Karma Principles of Karma Principles of Karma


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5 Reasons to join Yoga Teacher Training in India

5 Reasons to join Yoga Teacher Training in India

5 reasons to join Yoga Teacher Training in India

What can India teach you? Here you have a few reasons why to come to India…

Do you have this picture of India as a poor, overpopulated and dirty country? Are you thinking
why to come to India, aren’t you? What can bring such a journey to you? Well, I will share
with you few reasons why I think India is a place that can really make you grow a lot. The
only condition is to come with your mind open to any kind of transformation.

First challenge: Have no expectations and no plans

It might seem like an easy thing to do but actually, it’s something we in the west are really not
used to. If you come to India with a plan, it’s almost sure, it won’t work out. Then you can
choose to be disappointed and angry with India. Or you may also choose to let India
surprises you. Sometimes we may allow ourselves just discover the magic of the places we
don’t know or we initially didn’t want to see. Let things flow and uncover the beauty of
spontaneous life path.

Second challenge: Go with the flow

According to my experience, I started to question myself and the world: why we should try to
understand India? Let’s just embrace it, accept it as it is and go with the flow here. The
answer: “it’s India”, is many cases the best answer for things you don’t comprehend.

Third challenge: Go out of your comfort zone

Why should we give up our comfortable life for a while? Why go beyond our comfort zone?
The benefit is obvious, you can discover your genuine self. You may experience yourself in
a different mindset, thinking diversely, acting spontaneously or feeling more intensely. To
cross the line of comfort zone means to expand and to uncover hidden part of yourself. When
you feel you are ready to open yourself for such a shift, you will know it and India will call
for you.

You will be inspired

You will definitely be amazed by Indian culture. The kindness of local people is limitless.
Because they believe in karma, they help you asking nothing for it with an astonishing smile
on their face. Such happiness from a good action is incredible.

At least for me, this is really inspiring. The way Indian people accept the present moment,
they don’t judge anyone, living their dharma (life purpose) without question why this and that happened to them. Our western mindset of questioning all the time: Why me? Why did this happen
? Why this didn’t happen? This is our resistance. The universe has a plan for each of
us, Indian people know that. We from western country could take a lesson from it. Trust that
there is a reason for everything and accept that it’s not always necessary to understand
everything all the time.

What is Shatkarma and why it is necessary for Yoga practitioners?

What is Shatkarma and why it is necessary for Yoga practitioners?


Shat means six and Karma mean action, so Shatkarma means 6 actions for cleansing the body. It is also
known as Shatkriya and in Sanskrit, Satkarman. The purpose of these cleansing techniques is to keep the
body clean, healthy and strong. Through the regular practice of Shatkarma, we can remove stress,
blockages and all kinds of toxins from the internal body. Shatkarma prepares the practitioners for
Pranayama and Meditation. It makes the advanced Pranayama techniques easy.
The main goal of the shatkarma is to create harmony between the two major pranic flows, Ida and
Pingla, thereby attaining mental and physical purification.
Shatkarma is best natural techniques to balance the three doshas:shatkarma
a. Kapha (mucus),
b. Pitta (bile),
c. Vata (air)
According to “Hatha Yoga Pradipika”, the six purification techniques are:
1. Neti (Cleansing and purifying the nasal passages):- Neti is the very simple technique to purify the
nostrils. In Spirituality, it is best for Ajana (Third eye) awakening. The Neti techniques are- Jal
Neti, Rubber Neti, Sutra Neti, Dugdha Neti.
2. Dhauti (Internal Cleansing Techniques):- It is the technique to purify the stomach, lungs, throat
and whole internal body. The techniques of Dhauti are-
a. Kunjal (Vaman dhauti):- Cleansing the stomach with saline water through vomiting,
b. Danda Dhauti: – Cleansing the stomach with the aid of a rubber pipe,
c. Vastra Dhauti:- Cleansing the stomach with cotton cloth,
d. Agnisar (Vahnisara Dhauti):- Activating the digestive fire,
e. Shankhprakshalana: – Cleansing of the digestive tract.
3. Nauli: – A method of massaging and strengthening the abdominal organs.
4. Basti: – Techniques for washing and toning the large intestines. Techniques are- Jal basti, Pawan
5. Kapalbhati (Skull Cleansing technique):- It is a breathing technique for cleansing the skull,
stomach, and nostrils.
6. Trataka: – The technique of gazing on one point or one object (Yantra) or Candle flame to
develops the power of concentration. This technique is widely used by Meditation practitioners.
Note: – Please, never try practice any of the Shatkarma techniques through the reading of books, always
try to practice under an experienced teacher.
Without the cleansing of the body, we cannot get the maximum benefits of Yoga. After the practice
Shatkamra, we can feel the refreshment, peace, inner relaxation and sound breath. Keep practicing….

A Quick guide to select the best Yoga Teacher Training School In Rishikesh

A Quick guide to select the best Yoga Teacher Training School In Rishikesh

Yoga TTC India

A Quick guide to select best Yoga Teacher Training School in Rishikesh

Whatever are your reasons to do yoga, either for becoming a yoga teacher, for healing or self-practice, Yoga Teacher Training is a perfect choice for you. And, if it is Rishikesh you would be very well in the higher spirit. Yoga teacher training is a call to move on a yogic path, a path of self-realization, healthy body, spiritualistic mind, and love. It is a step by step development towards the enlightened soul and very well articulated 5000 years old transformative science. But before jumping to any yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, here are some guidelines for you:

Plan out what you want to achieve: You might be having your own expectations and thoughts about yoga teacher training. So think about what you want to learn or achieve, then compare and contrast the schools in Rishikesh by going through their websites, you would know whether these Schools would synchronize to your dreams? Though almost all Schools which are providing yoga teacher training provides the same type of course difference lies in their approach, style, and way of teaching. In yoga, your mind and soul should be on the course and if it is not then this course is not for you.

A Quick guide to select best Yoga Teacher Training School in RishikeshIt is Yoga Alliance recognized: Check out the program in which you are planning to enroll in Rishikesh is Yoga Alliance accredited and if it is meeting the yogic standards. You need to join the School in which training is being provided by the experienced teachers. It would double your reliability and widen your possibilities to teach yoga in and around the world. This aspect is very important in Rishikesh where the yoga teacher training Schools are spreading but not all are necessarily yoga alliance accredited.

You can learn about Hindu Gospel: In Rishikesh, a Yoga School is a one where the insistence is given to the teaching and learning of Hindu Scriptures and you gain Platonic training. Becoming a yoga teacher also means you have attained exhortation and you follow a true spirited path of a Yogi. Though the programs are many where you would get the yogic training those would only be of physical in nature without the synopsis of yoga in it. A best yoga teacher training course is one which is spiritual in nature, you would learn lessons of yoga from Bhagavad Gita, do the Mantra chanting and depict Shaloks which generates a different kind of energy and creates an aura of humility and positivity in the environment.

You are getting the basic training in the stipulated curriculum: The best Schools in Rishikesh are the ones that have set the basic curriculum structure. In it, besides asanas, you are taught teaching techniques and given teaching training and practice. You would get the knowledge of Anatomy and Physiology, Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle, and ethics, and Practicum.

Schools are distinguished?: Check the notability of the School in Rishikesh from the websites. Schools like Chandra Yoga International, Shivananda, Parmarth Niketan, Omkarananda Ganga Sadan, Sadhna Mandir etc. are highly reputed Schools of Yoga. They have been recognized the world over for the standard of teaching they preserve. Getting Yoga education in a reputed Yoga School is a good plus point for you as not only you would get the best training but you would be assured of affix future.

Location of School: Rishikesh has many sky scrapped mountains. wonderful natural landscapes, river Ganga, forests. There is beauty entice everywhere. So naturally, you should choose for the School where your stay would be in wonderful location, best is near River Ganga with Himalayan peaks making the backdrop. This economical location makes the learning more motivational and magical. So if you really want to get into yoga teacher training in Rishikesh look for the School which gives traditional knowledge of yoga, is highly reputed and in the wonderful location. Be very choosy and I am sure your journey to yoga teacher training would be excellent.

A Quick guide to select best Yoga Teacher Training School in Rishikesh A Quick guide to select best Yoga Teacher Training School in Rishikesh A Quick guide to select best Yoga Teacher Training School in RishikeshZ