Yoga Clothes

I remember when I signed my class of yoga for beginners; I was really confused about my yoga clothes. “What do I wear so that I’ll be comfortable during my practice?” “Is it okay to do yoga in my regular clothes?” “Should I buy those expensive yoga pants that I saw at mall?”, were some questions in addition to numerous others.

Yoga Clothes

In case, you are puzzled about the yoga wears too, go on and check out this article.

Significance of Yoga Clothes

Yoga clothing might not be the core of yoga practice, but it does make a difference in it. You cannot practice yoga asanas in loose and baggy clothes. It is because such clothes tend to inhibit body movement.

Also, you cannot practice yoga asanas in too tight clothes. Such outfits are unbreathable and hold back the body during yoga practice.

Thus, you can understand how the selection of yoga attires can affect your yoga practice. Selection of appropriate yoga clothing is very crucial for yoga learning.

Types of Yoga Clothes

Yoga has a whole range of clothing lines in its name. So no one needs to worry about the variety. However, there is no fixed type for anyone; you should wear what suits you and your practice.

Furthermore, it is very important to consider your comfort while choosing a style of clothing. There are many types of yoga pants. For instance, capris and cropped pants, skin-fit leggings or tights, and loose cotton pants, etc.


Similarly, you can wear a loose t-shirt or a skin-fit t-shirt, a tank top or just a cotton top. Wear what you like and make you feel good about yourself.

On the other hand, make sure the clothes allow your body a proper movement for your yoga practice. Do not buy clothes only on the basis of their appearance.

Consider the Level of Your Practice

It is very important to consider the level of your practice while choosing outfits for yoga. For instance, if you are a beginner, a slightly loose cotton t-shirt and yoga pants will work for you. Likewise, in case you are pursuing a yoga TTC, you can choose accordingly. If you do not feel comfortable in shorter clothes around a group, you can wear yoga pants and a t-shirt instead of cropped pants and a sports top.

Yoga TTC


However, if you practice Kundalini Yoga, you would prefer more breathable and stretchable clothes. For example, cotton leggings, capris, and a sports top or a tank top. Such clothes help your body to provide more movement and not inhibit it.

Choose yoga wear-

  • which is not too tight to hinder your movements
  • that will not block your skin with sweats and toxins
  • which is not too loose to hinder your yoga practice
  • that will let your skin breathe and soaks up sweat

Some Guidelines

  • Do not try to adjust yourself for uncomfortable attire
  • Uneasy yoga outfits can cause allergies
  • Do not follow the trends blindly. Wear what works for your yoga practice and not just to show off
  • Do not spend blindly on big brands of yoga clothing
  • Choose the innerwear which are comfortable, does not hinder your movements and can absorb sweat
  • Spend on durable and good quality fabric that will last longer


Clothes are important for your yoga practice. So do take some time to think about their selection. Besides, along with your yoga practice, you will know what works best for you. 

Just remember if yoga is a journey then your clothes are your companion.

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