Do you have doubts regarding Yoga Teacher Training, whether it’s worthy or not? Are you really competent enough to join yoga teacher teaching? The ultimate question, Is yoga teacher training for you?

Is Yoga Teacher Training For You


All these questions are pertinent and the answers to such questions will help you to know if yoga teacher training is actually for you or not.

So today in this article, we shall be going to explore all the possible answers to your questions. Let’s Go.

Prior Experience

Before taking a leap to any Yoga Teacher Training program, it would be great if you are already familiar with yoga. It is because the prior experience of any kind in yoga will come handy during your training.

Experience, not Expertise

Prior experience does not mean expertise because are talking about basic familiarity with yoga. For instance, you should be capable of doing basic yoga asanas without any pain or hurting yourself. Likewise, you do not have to be great with every asana but at least you should be able to move around your body.

In other words, practice at home, at school, or with friends in the park; any basic familiarity with yoga would work.

Generally, 200 Hour Yoga TTC program is intended for the beginners in Yoga. However, you can join it to deepen your practice too.

Time and Commitment

A yoga teacher training program needs time and commitment. A 200 Hour Yoga TTC is around 28 days program. Therefore, you should be able to provide this much time to your TTC program and commit to it.

Commitment is quite significant in a yoga TTC because at times you might feel tired, annoyed or feel like quitting it.

Therefore, your will and commitment to learning yoga help you to overcome every obstruction and motivates you to keep going.

Clarity on Your Purpose

When you have clarity on your purpose, it helps to clear your intent toward your yoga teacher training. It assists you to know what you want from it.

Do you want:

To be a teacher

Yoga teacher training program is usually intended and planned for the yoga learners who want to teach yoga someday. So, if you think you can be a yoga teacher, the yoga TTC is for you.

Besides, it would be better if you ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you devoted and patient enough to be a yoga teacher?
  • Can you invest your time and energy to be a yoga teacher?
  • Do you have the willingness and capability to spread the joy of teaching yoga?

If the answer is yes to the above questions then you should join yoga teacher training.

To deepen the practice

Though yoga TTC is typically considered for those who want to teach yoga, it is a great approach to deepen your practice too.

Usually, not everyone wants to teach yoga. Some just want to go deeper into their practice and incorporate yoga in their lifestyle. If you are one of them, do join a suitable yoga TTC.

However, choose the yoga school that emphasis on learning and practice of yoga rather than just teaching methodology of it.

Budget Up

If you want to join a TTC, make sure you have money to invest in your teacher training program.

  • You should have at least a budget to join a yoga teacher training.
  • Yoga teacher training courses are certainly not cheap but you can find one to fit your budget.
  • Check out the nearby teacher training programs.
  • Some Asian countries like India, Nepal, Thailand, Bali, etc offer yoga teacher training courses at reasonable prices that might be cheaper than your local Yoga schools.

Afterward, choosing a yoga studio or yoga school would be easier if you will set your budget, location, and expectation ahead of time.


As a career

You must have heard that people say join a yoga class without any expectations, enter just with the spirit of learning. As a rule, I support this statement but can you really not expect anything when you are thinking about joining yoga TTC.

  • If you want to join TTC to earn instant money, you will be disappointed.
  • You need the practice to be proficient in yoga.
  • Even after the completion of training, you will need to maximize your knowledge by attending various seminars, events or doing internships to polish your teaching skills.

Hence, do not put your complete hope over your yoga TTC. Give yourself and your practice some time, dedication and patience.

As a learner

If you want to intensify your practice and get deeper, just go with the goal of learning.

  • It is because learners go with high ambitions and expectations in TTC programs that they will be the expert of yoga after their completion of training.
  • They will be able to perform all the bends, or headstands, or leg-over-neck asanas, etc.

However, yoga does not work like that. Yoga Teacher Training programs help you to gain more knowledge and make you more efficient in your yoga practice. Since it ain’t any magic, it takes hard work to do it.

What Else

Learning yoga is a journey of practice and practice will make you efficient in yoga. Therefore, you need to be regular, steady, patient, disciplined and be a good student during your training.

Ordinarily, no one can become the best in a month or year; you need to give time and commit to your yoga practice even after yoga teacher training. As they say, “Practice is Everything”. “Practice makes a man perfect.”

Remember these things and you will be growing in yoga every day.

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